Seven BUS:STOPs and a car: In Austria for Mazda Motion

Seven architects from seven different countries design seven unique bus stops in the town of Krumbach in Vorarlberg/Austria. In collaboration with local craftsmen those architects, including Sou Fujimoto from Japan and Moscow-based Alexander Brodsky, designed small usable spaces for the public good that differ completely from the functional and unremarkable bus stops we are used to.

We went there with a Mazda 6 for the company’s B2C magazine “Motion Mazda”.

Agency: Redwood London // AD: Matt Reynolds


Professor Harold James for Union Investment

I always love to meet and portray interesting, modest, charming, intelligent and exceptional people - especially when all of those are combined in one. Harold James Professor of History at Princeton University spent some time in Munich to talk about the parallels and differences of todays events compared to the 30s. The images are published in Union Investment’s “Weitwinkel” magazine.

Agency: Profilwerkstatt // Producer: Conny Oelker, Expose Fotografen