Exhibitions, party and talks in Stuttgart - happy 50th birthday BFF!

Opening last Thursday with tons of people celebrating the 50th birthday of the German photographers association BFF, various exhibitions and and a huge agenda of talks will take place in Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart until Sunday.

Besides the honoring of the two German icons Thomas Billhardt and Volker Hinz, who now are members in the association’s hall of fame, and the opening of their two single shows there are two more huge exhibitions. One with over 140 member's current works and another containing the best images of all time including the famous images from F.C. Gundlach, Oliviero Toscani, Walter Schels, Thomas Hoepker, Herlinde Koelbl and many more.

Thanks to everyone who helped organizing this great event - I’m happy to be part of BFF since 2011 alongside all of my fellow colleagues!

Check out the agenda HERE and a little video right HERE.

Image credits: myself, Johannes Schmidt and Matthias Krüger.