RVV mobile and billboard campaign

In and around an RVV flagship bus, my great team and me realized the new campaign for their mobile ticket this summer. Billboards all around the lovely city of Regensburg and an online as well as mobile use of the images serve as an example for an awesome crossmedial ad campaign!

Awesome shoot, great result!

Agency: List & List // CD: Jochen List // Models: Melike Bilbey, Dennis Marx (Goodguys), Lu Bischoff (Goodguys) // Styling: Alexandra Dietl // H&M: Nilgün Konya // Assistants: Max Rempe, Vincenzo Buscemi // Supported by TeamVan


Social Media workshop in Munich

Me and my colleagues at BFF (Berufsverband freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter) organize a workshop in Munich on next Monday, 18th of September that is all about Social Media and is addressed to people working in the creative industry.

Our speakers Laura Zalenga, Nick Frank and Bernhard Kalhammer will show us the way to their enormous success on platforms like Instagram or Behance and explain methods and tools to gain a bigger audiance and impact.

The workshop starts at 19:30 at Zero-8 Studios in Munich. Check out the details HERE and get your ticket HERE!


Byebye Xabi Alonso!

Recently I met former Bayern professional Xabi Alonso in a FCB locker room for a portrait shoot. Awesome FourFourTwo mag commissioned this again!


Philipp in the locker room.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to shoot Philipp Lahm for the lovely people of FourFourTwo and a piece about his retirement from professional football. As we played against each other a few times in our youth teams about 20 years ago, it almost felt like a circle is going to be closed for me too. I really enjoyed the talk and shoot with him!

Etepetete and Leaf Republic for Mazda

A few weeks ago I visited two of the most interesting eco startups in Munich. Etepetete saves deformed vegetables and fruits from waste and Leaf Republic produces all sorts of recycable plates from, exactly, leafs. The images were published in Mazda's latest issue of their customer mag "Mazda Motion".

Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion
Mazda Motion

Portrait work for Impulse Magazin

I love those assignments involving natural black and white portraits.

Publisher Reinhold Neven Du Mont of Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag for Impulse Magazin.

Make sure to check out some more images here.